Peek at the Muslim Office Dress Model of 7 Indonesian Designers


Muslim Office Dress Models – Peek at Muslim Office Dress Models with 7 Indonesian Designers. Appearance is a major asset for a woman. Especially when going to the office, appearance must be a priority so that it looks attractive in front of others. With an attractive appearance, we will make ourselves more confident. Nowadays the style of dress for Muslim women no longer looks old-fashioned. Even with a veiled display, women can look more elegant. The use of hijab in the office today has also not been underestimated as in the past. As a hijab woman, the appearance to the office must also be considered to keep it interesting.

In Indonesia, there are many Muslim clothing designers whose works have received appreciation abroad. From these designers we can cheat on Muslim dress styles while in the office. Starting from wearing brightly colored clothes to calm, wearing a beautiful tunic, or wearing a long dress combined with the shar’i hijab.

Wearing Muslim clothing is certainly not monotonous at this time because we have a variety of choices and various clothing references from various sources. Even if you buy Muslim clothes that are suitable to be worn to the office, it is also not difficult anymore, we can buy them in official shops of famous designers, in various marketplaces, as well as in social media accounts that sell them online. It is up to us to choose which one to determine what style we want when going to the office.

The following are the dress styles of Muslim office clothes model designers who can make recommendations on dress when going to the office :

1. Designer Ala Dian Pelangi

The designer who became the pioneer of Muslim clothing in Indonesia has received various awards in the international arena. Although his age is still quite young, but the design of the clothes he made fascinates everyone. The graduate designer of the ESMOD design school is known for its brightly colored Muslim fashion designs. Besides that Dian also often combines weaving, songket and batik in her dress designs. Wearing clothes like Dian Pelangi’s style with ethnic touches like batik adds to the appearance of Muslim women, they look more graceful and fresh. Ethnic touches like batik show a formal impression on the office clothes used.

2. Designer Ala Ria Miranda

This beautiful young mother has started a Muslim fashion business since 2009. Now her clothing design can be obtained at official outlets that have spread throughout Indonesia and even to Malaysia. Ria Miranda who is also a graduate of the ESMOD fashion school has her own distinctive style in making Muslim fashion designs.

The striking style of Ria Miranda is clothes with pastel-colored touches with beautiful ruffle and lace. So that people who wear clothes with styles like Ria Miranda will look feminine and more elegant. Office clothes with a touch of pastel color in the style of Ria Miranda you can wear when you want to appear in a simple style but still look feminine.


3. Designers of Jenahara

Jenahara is the daughter of famous model and designer Ida Royani. The woman who has been fond of the world of fashion since childhood has been in the fashion business in 2006, but has just released a label with her own name in 2011. Nonetheless Muslim fashion products have also been known abroad. The most prominent style of Jenahara Muslim clothing is dark colors.

For those of you who like to wear dark clothes can imitate the style of Jenahara to choose clothes to work. Wearing black to the office will make it look elegant. Especially for a Muslim who wears hijab, the use of black for clothing or office dress will not confuse you when you have to choose which hijab is suitable because it is neutral black to be combined with any hijab.

4. Designer Ala Ghaida Tsurayya

The daughter of AA ‘This gym includes Muslim fashion designers who have just plunged to release their label in 2009. Although new in the Muslim fashion business, Ghaida has loyal customers and her designs are favored by Muslim women who like wide hijab. Many fashion styles are dominated by calm pastel colors, wide robes with a beautiful outer.

For Muslim women who prefer to wear loose clothing can peek at the style of Ghaida Tsurayya style clothes. Going to the office with a loose robe combined with an outer which is also calm and simple wide hijab will definitely make you comfortable.


5. Designer Ala Lulu El Hasbu

Do you like glamor when you go to the office? Lulu El Hasbu’s style of dress may inspire you. Muslim fashion designers who have just plunged into this fashion world really like glamorous clothing styles but still elegant. Going to the office in a glamorous style is certainly not wrong especially when there is an event or meeting a special client.


6. Designer Ala Zaskia Sungkar

Who doesn’t know the beautiful designer Irwansyah’s wife? From his hand, European-Arabian-style Muslim fashion designs were created. Fashion models with simple pieces and neutral colors are suitable for the office for everyday use. By imitating Zaskia’s style, you will look stylish and graceful. Especially with neutral clothing colors such as black, white, and soft colors that make it easy for you to combine clothes worn with accessories and bags that are carried. Surely Zaskia style office clothes will make it more comfortable to wear and comfortable for people who look.


7. Designer Ala Restu Anggraini

This young designer is synonymous with contemporary, modern and edgy fashion designs. For those of you who want to look young can copy the style of Restu Anggraini’s dress to go to the office. Clothes with a beautiful blend of colors and simple hijab will make your appearance look younger. In addition you as a Muslim who works in an office with a myriad of activities do not need to be complicated to arrange hijab worn because it will definitely still look attractive when imitating Restu Anggraini’s dress style to go to the office.

That was the seven styles of Indonesian Muslim office clothes model designers who could be emulated to reference Muslim women’s dress when going to the office. Being a good Muslim is not just staying at home. But by developing your own potential in the office, it will certainly make us more productive.

No need to hesitate wearing a hijab and wearing Muslim clothes when going to the office. You can wear brightly colored clothes in the style of Dian Pelangi, a touch of pastel color in the style of Ria Miranda, elegant black and white Jenahara style, syar’i hijab ala Ghaida Surraya, style glamor style Lulu El Hasbu, neutral colored clothes ala Zaskia Sungkar or a combination of clothing and hijab simple style Restu Anggraini to look younger. So which style of your favorite clothes to go to the office?

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