Family Uniforms for the Most Fashionable Party


Family Uniform Clothes for Parties – At special times such as weddings, graduations, and other special events, of course we want to look attractive in front of people. Especially when special events with large families, we must prepare special clothes for the whole family to look uniform. Wearing a uniform when the event takes place, the whole family will look compact.

Often we feel confused in determining what kind of uniform is suitable for all family members. Things that need to be considered before buying or making uniform clothes for the family is the purpose of the family uniform made.

Following are the Reference Models of Family Uniform Shirts for Special Parties:

Family Uniform Shirt for Modern Kebaya Model Party

The most commonly used model of family uniforms is the kebaya shirt model. This dress model is suitable for various special events such as weddings. Kebaya uniforms, besides being suitable for anyone, also look graceful for those who wear them.

Even today the kebaya appears in a modern style that is suitable also used by hijab women. Besides that kebaya is also suitable for women of all ages. Kebaya is beautiful when combined with jarik cloth as a subordinate. For women who cannot use jarik cloth, they can buy instant jarik which is currently popular. In order to make the appearance of the whole family look maximum, mix it with Javanese slippers.

But if you want a modern look, using high heels will sweeten the appearance of the whole family. If you make kebaya yourself, choose brocade that is soft and beautiful. For those who wear hijab, they can add furing to the kebaya model made. However, if you buy, those who wear hijab can wear a cuff with a color that follows the furing kebaya used.

Family Uniform Shirt for New Lice Model Party

If you are bored with a monotonous model family uniform that is always monotonous. Then the kebaya model like this one can be an option. At present, the new model clothes are being sought for people who want to go to special events. This old clothes model suddenly became hits and can even be used everyday.

Wearing a family uniform with a new flea model will definitely not look old-fashioned. In fact the appearance of you and your family will look dazzling especially if the choice of uniform colors is right. Pair it with traditional jellies so that it adds a formal impression. Your appearance and your family will look like charming Javanese princesses.

Maximize the appearance of a hair bun so that Javanese blood will emit from you. But the use of this new uniform cannot only be used by families in formal events. In semi-formal events you can mix and match clothes with a long skirt. That will make your appearance more relaxed but still okay.

Family Uniform Clothes for Party Dress Models

For those of you who are less like or less comfortable with a kebaya model family uniform, there are other alternatives so that you and your family can stay compact and beautiful at the maximum during the party. Make a family uniform with a dress model.

Look for sequined fabric or brocade fabric to make your clothes look more luxurious when worn at a party. Combine selected sequined fabric and brocade with soft satin fabric so as to make an exclusive impression. For colors adjust to the wishes of other family members.

This family dress model is not only suitable for use by the hijabers, but for those who do not wear hijab, they are still suitable to wear and look elegant. If you wear a hijab, create your hijab to make it look attractive. Choose a hijab that has a matching color with the dress you are wearing. By wearing a family dress model, this dress will make you look luxurious while partying, and will make you comfortable and easy to move.

Family Uniform Shirt for Minang Model Party

If you want to make a spooky family with an unusual model, maybe the Minang model can be an inspiration. It doesn’t matter if you want to use a Minang shirt model for party clothes even though you don’t bleed. Unlike the Javanese dress model that tends to be tight and stick to the skin like kebaya when used.

This Minang dress model is usually loose when worn with a top shirt up to knee length. Then the clothes are combined with skirts as subordinates. Indeed, these Minang model clothes are like models of Malay clothes. The colors used for uniforms are usually bold colors like red, green, and gold. Although the color is bold, the appearance of your family clothes will still look attractive.

The bride in Minang style will look different from the Javanese bride. If the Javanese bride is only a bun with a simple headdress, the Minang bride will appear with a large and heavy headdress or crown. So don’t be surprised if a family that wears a Minang style wedding party will look luxurious and glamorous.

Family Uniform Shirt for Islamic Model Party

For those of you who come from Muslim families who are thick and want to show your identity as a Muslim family when holding a celebration then appearing in an Islamic model family uniform can be an option. This Islamic family uniform model is quite simple.

You can make a shirt with a cut below the knee and then pair it with a skirt as a subordinate. If you don’t like the cutout model, you can make a family uniform with a robe model. Choose fabrics in beautiful colors with beautiful embroidery.

These embellishments will keep your family uniform charming when worn during a party. Use hijab with matching options to make it interesting. If you want to get young, you can create a hijab as you wish. Add a scarf to beautify yourself. Whereas for the male family or the bridegroom can be made uniform clothes of the same fabric with the same color to look compact. But wearing a suit can also be an alternative choice. Perfect the appearance for men by wearing a cap. It reinforces the identity as a Muslim of course.

That was a series of inspirations for family uniforms that could be used as a reference when buying or making uniforms for all family members. Because of the variety of models of family uniforms available, don’t forget to discuss with the family in advance about the choice of models to be used when the party is held.

Maximize your appearance with a variety of suitable accessory so that your appearance and your family fascinate all invited guests. For those of you who make your own family uniforms, try to find a sewing place that is reccomended so that the results of the uniforms made do not disappoint. Congratulations on deciding which model of family uniforms are suitable and charming to wear on special days!

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